Power of RTB Advertising

Advertising is a cutthroat game that has seen exponential changes so far in this business world. Programmatic advertising is one such game-changer that automated the ad buying process. It employs machines to buy online ads hence it is also called automated advertising.

Previously, online ad purchases had to be relied on in-house or outsourced sales teams right from quotation to deal closing. Looking back now, the entire ad buying process seems like scenes straight out of a horror movie.

RTB Programmatic ads eliminated the need to create monotonous manual insertion orders and allowed marketers to spend more time on strategic tasks like optimizing ad campaigns for enhancements.

RTB Programmatic Advertisements:

RTB is a mode by which ad inventory is bought and sold on a per-impression basis. Serving almost billions of ads on the internet on a daily basis, RTB marks itself as the most popular way of programmatic media buying. Using RTB, Advertisers compete against each other through an auction-based bidding protocol to display ads to their target audiences.

RTB is flexible and has a large pool of inventory thus making it a one-stop-solution for a majority of the advertisers. Programmatic RTB advertising is not just about filling up unsold ad spaces. It serves targeted ads based on user cookies and it has a lot more to deal with the context, user-intent & online behavioral traits. For example, serving ads to married ladies of the age group from 25-35 who had searched for nail polish in the past 6 months.

Although RTB employs many Adtech platforms, the Demand-Side Platform (DSP), Supply-Side Platform (SSP) and an Ad Exchange form a vital part of the transactions. 

Proactive marketing + Programmatic RTB:

Often Marketers tend to follow a reactive strategy which is being responsive to campaign outcomes like customer actions and trends while a proactive approach allows them to be dexterous, data-driven and anticipate outcomes with industry benchmarks ahead of the stereotypical vision. 

Proactive marketing strategy when coupled with programmatic RTB gives a head start to campaign performance and increases adaptability to the ever-changing marketing dynamics.

You know it really means business when RTB ad spends accounted for $23.5bn in the United States in 2018 compared to a $6.3bn spend in 2014.