Meet at AI everything is going to present New AI innovations, products and solutions in Ai Everything conference, the years most anticipated and empowering AI summit, 30th April – 1 may , Dubai world Trade Centre,UAE.

Airbots welcome everyone for the Beta launch of, an Autonomous AI Platform for Marketers to the exhibit stall AIE010 .

Ai Everything is a truly global AI event, hosting over 100 of worlds’s biggest tech companies and startups and over 125 speakers delivering powerful AI use-cases business in-sights on stage.

Its Free for everybody to attend the AI Everything Exhibition.


  • Immerse in 30+ hours of free workshops and learning sessions at the AI Academy –
    interactive workshops hosted by INSEAD, Stanford University, Expedia, Big
    Innovation Centre, Dataiku (Accredited by the UAE National Program for AI)
  • Meet the Future Societies 5.0 line-up of law enforcement AI solution agencies and
    participate in the conference hosted by Dubai Police
  • Experience live pulsating case challenge hacking by 100+ of the world’s top data
    scientists and grand masters from Kaggle, the world’s biggest data science community, flying into Dubai for the first time, sponsored by Dubai Police.

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  • 100+ hours of real case-studies in 9 verticals: Healthcare, Energy, Finance, Government & Smart Cities, Marketing, Education, Transportation, Retail and Law Enforcement

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