How to save 70% of your Advertising Money

Why 70% of your AD spends are wasted?

  • Not Aligned with your marketing strategies and organisation goals.
  • Not able to measure and manage the actual vs planned Ad budget
  • Not sure whether all the ads are targeting your prospecting customers or even the right audience in wrong way.
  • No control measures to correct non performing Ads

Our strategy execution platform has Solution for you and saves your money

Airbots make your Ads valuable , Save 70% of AD-spends from being wasted , Set up your goals and objectives , Initiate your organisational strategies to marketers / Advertisers, Be aligned with your organisational marketing strategies, set up your targets and budget,Create your Ad campaign by just 7 easy steps.

We Place your Ad to the right audiences at right time with in-content media recognition that process billions of media records to choose the optimal position to place your ads

As transparency is our core value , we establish platform wise performance monitor  system to track your campaign

We provide best in class kpi based scorecard reporting dashboard that shows you the actual vs planned reports for your Ad campaigns , Reports of your kpi metrics(CTR,CPM,CPA,CONVERSIONS,BOUNCE RATE,etc) , Total budget , Budget spend on your ads , total revenue and  Performance indications  for lead and lag ad-campaigns.

We took a next step, in visualisation of dashboards, that include strategy based monitoring System

With our Colour code performance Indicators you canMonitor your lead and lag ad-campaigns for  performing(Green), Non-performing(Red) and Stable(Amber) Ad’s and Take immediate corrective measures over non performing Ads.

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