Do you really have to worry about Ad Blocking?

Ads. What is the first thing that comes to your mind as soon as you hear this? Misleading, Unreliable, Waste of time, and every other synonym correlating with deceiving. One common prevailing belief (read: misconception) among consumers, is that ads are a trap – a trick game where we are deceived to buy stuff that we don’t need or can’t afford, and frustrated people end up paying for ad-blocking software to get rid of annoying ads.

But all these aforementioned frustration factors don’t actually form the core motivations of ad block usage. Let’s hear it from stats:

  • Exactly 48% of ad blocking users were previously bombarded by a lot of ads.
  • Almost 47% of ad blockers reported that ads are irrelevant at first place.

With numbers, it is apparent that irrelevance & sheer annoyance are two sides of the same coin and marketers have to have this under their control. The point is all about providing an unforgettable user experience integrated with a finely shaded sales pitch. Making your audiences mark your ads as inappropriate or annoying is the last thing that you want after all these constant disturbances.

Reaching out to target audiences should form the spine of any ad campaign. Seriously, why would someone out of your niche like to make a purchase or even have a look at your offerings in the first place?

Don’t just spray and pray; Ad Personalization is the key. Don’t deliver your baseball equipment ads to people who are interested in sports. Instead, narrow your targeting down to baseball (to make your audience respond the way you want), or go the extra mile for sports that are closely related to baseball like Rounders, for example, that adds value to the user. This way it is possible to effectively reach out and engage without getting into the user’s last nerve.

For Search Ads, shift from conventional Broad Match to Broad Match Modifier in order to save ad dollars and gain additional search terms that you probably haven’t considered before (Note: Ad-blocking software don’t usually have the option of blocking search ads from Google)

Conclusion: Yes, you really have to worry about Ad blocking because it reduces your audience volume. But at the same time, it is also relatively important to deliver relevant and meaningful ads to your audiences to prevent them from opting into Ad blocking.