An Advertiser’s Odyssey

While 25% of an organisation’s sales revenue being allocated to advertising efforts, Advertisers constantly have an increased responsibility to drive those efforts towards efficiency.
If you’re an advertiser you’d have already been bombarded by KPI’s and metrics that matter.

A typical day in the life of an advertiser includes
•    Setting up goals and objectives for a campaign
•    Devising strategies and plans
•    Creating ad copies
•    Setting up campaigns
•    Wait for magic? No.
•    Optimizing

Setting up campaigns at different digital advertising platforms with ad copies, specified creatives, and allocated budgets is also time consuming. With Airbots, advertisers can now create and streamline ad copies across Google, Facebook & Twitter from just one click and prioritize work hours on strategic tasks. But the job never just ends after initiating a campaign. In fact, the real game starts right after this.

Advertiser’s nightmare:
The most difficult segment of an advertiser’s job is not on creating persuasive ad copies or setting up campaigns but optimizing it. On a daily basis, investing a chunk of their time optimizing campaigns is not as good as it sounds. Advertisers have to make systematic decisions based upon constraints known by sight and they really have to get onto top of the game with that thing. Decision making being an integral part of a job involves multiple calculations to perceive what’s behind the horizon and, let’s face it.

Making Advertiser’s day better:
An effective ad campaign doesn’t have to rely on one single tactic. We knew it and advertisers could fathom how easier it is to say “create & optimize” than doing it. This is where our AI steps in with its Dynamic Decision-Making ability and regulates the campaign performance to enhance the results even further.
Airbots brings an advertising ecosystem where you can streamline your campaign, sit back, and relax. Because our AI takes complete control over your ad spends to produce the best possible outcomes like never before.  

Airbots, your AI companion in advertising journey.